“We believe in the Power of Great Relationships.
Great Customer Relationships are created through better conversations.
On a platform designed for today’s communications.”

The Cielo PlatformTM

Cielo helps our clients find the right balance between automation and the human touch.

The CieloPlatform™ delivers an effortless IVR-to-SMS Chatbot experience, while empowering your agents with tools that build lifetime customer value.

We use SMS and RCS (Rich Communication) to engage customers, intelligently, while they are still in the call queue.

Agent’s also leverage the platform’s powerful messaging capabilities with  advanced support applications, which increase 1st call resolutions and improve call center NPS.

SMS is the most ubiquitous and secure digital customer service channel.  Cielo clients establish a personal connection on every customer’s mobile device ꟷ beginning with their very first post-sale experience.  No app needed!

Make no mistake, despite the advances in digital self-serve solutions, the human touch cannot be under estimated.  Cielo IVR-to-SMS™ Chatbot automates the resolution of common repetitive issues, directly in the call queue, so that higher value conversations reach the agent faster.

Cielo Agent Assist™ allows agents to handle those high value customers more efficiently and accurately; transforming call centers into profit centers.

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Applications & Solutions

The most innovative companies today are engaging customers, intelligently, across every touch point.  Live agents, retail channels and even traditional media, all represent opportunities to optimize the customer relationship through digital engagement.

Your digital strategy should not be a digital channels-only strategy.  Every customer touch point should be transformed in ways that  improve the customer experience.

Cielo delivers a portfolio of enterprise applications which engaged customers on their terms in the ways they prefer.

Whether it is a SMS chatbot integrated directly in your call queue, or patient consent with mobile signature, Cielo Platform applications transform the customer experience.

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Our Clients

Industry Insights

Eliminate the
Cost Center Mindset

Mathew Dixon, writing in Harvard Business Review, describes the dramatic transformation of T-Mobile’s call center using a model based on Teams of Experts (or TEX Model).
The key: Automation.

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Make your first
impression count

Health Care companies are using secure mobile applications to pre-register patients & collect self assessment info prior to the visit.  Proof of insurance and touch screen signature saves time and improves accuracy and compliance.

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Chatbot Customer Experience Strategy

During periods of high call volume, frustrated customers abandon the call and head over to the competition.  On the other hand, chatbots deployed directly in the call queue automate many low touch requests, reducing customer wait time.

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Contact Center Innovation

Get the White Paper which highlights leaders in contact center excellence.  Learn how these innovators ensure the most profitable, high touch conversations reach live agents; directing low touch routine issues immediately to intelligent automated bots – directly in their call queues.

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