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Eliminate Friction. Connect Channels.

Finding the right balance between self-serve and live agents is a challenge in today’s contact center.

Cielo provides a simple solution that helps contact center leaders deploy:

  • Voice to Digital Connections that bridge the gap between voice and digital channels; creating effortless deflection experiences, automating the resolution of common repetitive contacts.
  • Guided Workflows which empower agents with conversational messaging that more efficiently handles higher touch issues.  Increasing 1st call resolution and contact center NPS.

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Solutions & Applications

Better Conversations transform contact centers into profit centers.

Applications like chatbots, are more than a digital channels-only solution.

  • The most innovative companies today build customer relationships, intelligently, across every touch point – especially voice.

  • Cielo delivers enterprise applications which optimize the customer relationship through better conversations.

  • Whether a Product Return Bot in the IVR, or a Patient Consent Form with touch screen signature, Cielo applications transform the customer experience.

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Industry Insights

What is Conversational Messaging?

As the name implies, it’s a dialogue.  A back and forth with the expectation that when a question is asked, you’ll receive an immediate response.  Perhaps it’s better to discuss what it’s not.  It is not email.   Sure, you can pose a question in an email.  But let’s be clear, you are not asking your question, you’re submitting it.  And then you wait.

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The #1 Way to Better Deflect Out of Your IVR

On average, 10 -15% of the calls in your voice channel are common and repetitive issues that can be better deflected and automated.  There are 4 powerful reasons why SMS is the #1 way to better deflect your customers out of the IVR.

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Chatbot Customer Experience Strategy

During periods of high call volume, frustrated customers abandon the call and head over to the competition.  On the other hand, chatbots deployed directly in the call queue automate many low touch requests, reducing customer wait time.

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Our Clients

Contact Center Innovation

Get the White Paper which highlights leaders in contact center excellence.  Learn how these innovators ensure the most profitable, high touch conversations reach live agents; directing low touch routine issues immediately to intelligent automated bots – directly in their call queues.

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