“We believe in the Power of Great Relationships.
Great Customer Relationships are created through better conversations.
On a platform designed for today’s communications.”

The Cielo PlatformTM

Companies investing in better customer engagements, say mobile messaging is a strategic spend this fiscal year.  Not all mobile messaging is the same, however. There are a range of tactics, including: messenger apps from Facebook and Apple and text chat within in your own downloaded app.

Organizations who excel in customer service, view SMS as the most effect way to engage across all channels – including traditional and live agent call centers.

Why SMS?  Three reasons, really:

REACH – Everyone has the “SMS app” pre-installed on their mobile device.  No need to download or subscribe to it.  In fact, it is the “conversation medium” preferred by consumers when it comes to their devices.

PRIVACY – Or in other words, the trust your customers place in you.  SMS is held to a higher standard.  Inherently, it ensures the security and privacy of both your customer’s information and the application, itself.

ASSET VALUE – Customers pay attention to SMS.  When they give you their permission, you’ve made a connection with them through their most personal channel.  The value of a frictionless mobile opt-in channel cannot be understated.

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Applications & Solutions

The most innovative companies today are engaging customers, intelligently, across every touch point.  Live agents, retail channels and even traditional media, all represent opportunities to optimize the customer relationship through digital engagement.

Your digital strategy should not be a digital channels-only strategy.  Every customer touch point should be transformed in ways that  improve the customer experience.

Cielo delivers a portfolio of enterprise applications which engaged customers on their terms in the ways they prefer.

Whether it is a SMS chatbot integrated directly in your call queue, or patient consent with mobile signature, Cielo Platform applications transform the customer experience.

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Industry Insights

Chatbots Revolutionizing Customer Service

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Juniper predicts Chatbots will redefine the customer service industry, with the banking and healthcare sectors benefiting the most.

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Chatbot Customer Experience Strategy

While Chatbots and AI are being adopted, they aren’t being utilized to their full potential. Cielo believes the call center is being left out of the Chatbot strategy; with most enterprises believing chat and chatbots are a digital-only solution.

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Contact Center Innovation

Get the White Paper which highlights leaders in contact center excellence.  Learn how these innovators ensure the most profitable, high touch conversations reach live agents; directing low touch routine issues immediately to intelligent automated bots – directly in their call queues.