Who We Are

We believe in the power of great relationships.  Great customer relationships are created through better conversations.  Cielo’s team of dedicated employees is committed to helping our clients create better conversations – on a platform designed for today’s communications.

Founded in 2004, Cielo was an original, pre-iPhone, mobile app pioneer. We created and ran the first mobile video streaming apps for Major League Baseball and the NBA.

Before app stores existed, Cielo distributed its apps and content using our own, carrier certified, text messaging platform.

Today, that SMS platform powers some of the most innovative customer service applications; designed to create an effortless customer experience.

Our clients use Cielo Platform™ Applications to make real connections with their customers; building great relationships that lead to life time customers.

Headquartered in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Cielo owns and manages its own server and network operations; colocated in a PCI compliant SSAE16 datacenter in Massachusetts.  Cielo does not employ a virtualized cloud environment so you can be assured of the privacy and security of your customer’s data.

We welcome your inquiry and are ready to build a relationship with you.

Please feel free to call us directly at: 833-915-0889

Or email us: connect@cielomobile.com

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