What Makes Cielo’s SMS Better

What Makes Cielo’s SMS Better?

Best in Class Approach, Advanced Capabilities, Out of the Box Applications Better Analytics

Your Customer’s #1 Complaint

Excessive hold times remain the most common customer experience complaint.  CCW’s 2021 Customer Experience Market Study found 68% of consumers say they often wait on hold.

This is especially bad because their expectation for faster response time is critical according to KPMG’s Customer Experience Excellence Report.

There Is A Solution

SMS directly connects voice channel customers to a personalized, one-to-one digital experience.  While 3rd party apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are used by many customers, it’s important not to lump SMS into the same category.

SMS remains the universal go to messaging channel, securely reaching over 5 billion users – easily surpassing all other messaging apps.  Unlike email, SMS is more like voice.  It’s a “real-time” channel with an open rate of 98% within the first 12 seconds of being received.  That’s conversational!

Why Cielo is the Trusted SMS Partner

Since 2014 Cielo has been on the forefront helping our clients engage their customers with enterprise-class SMS.

We’re not just experts in messaging.  Cielo’s technology platform can reach every mobile phone, handling more than 10 million SMS messages per month.

Unlike other solution providers who have only recently added SMS as a feature, Cielo is focused on SMS as a channel.

We deliver a precise scalable approach to connecting your customers out of the voice channel to faster, more efficient self-serve digital journeys.

We help top brands deploy high value conversational messaging applications across:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Consumer Products
  • Telecom & Utilities
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • eCommerce
  • Healthcare

Compare Our Technology

Cielo’s platform is next-generation ready.  We offer true two-way SMS with the throughput and scalability to meet your messaging demands no matter your market or volume.

Our unique technology allows you to send SMS text messages which exceed the 160-character limit.  This allows you to personalize each message with more complete information;

  • improving the customer experience; while
  • boosting 1st call resolution.

Cielo incorporates short, branded click-to-links in our client’s messages.  This eliminates the need for “bit.ly” links and allows you to tag each link uniquely for better analytics.

Automated notifications via SMS can reduce as much as 15% of your voice channel call volume.  Cielo provides intelligent triggers, which allow you to send proactive appointment reminders, product maintenance alerts, claim status notifications and other messages which elevate CSAT.

Each message is delivered in seconds – with confirmation of delivery!  Knowing the SMS has been delivered means your applications will inherently comply with governance and regulatory requirements.

We Provide the Applications

SMS is only a channel.  To create value and engage customers in ways that improve both the customer and agent experience, you need applications which leverage the channel.  Cielo delivers those applications.

Whether it be two-way SMS conversations from the agent desktop or SMS chatbots which deflect and automate customers out of the IVR, Cielo has you covered.

We provide a scalable set of SMS applications designed to help you rapidly deploy new journeys with no impact on IT resources.

Cielo SMS Applications support entire journeys including automated alerts and notifications throughout the time to resolution.  For example, First Notice of Insurance Claim will send automated notifications to the customer as to the progress of their claim.  This eliminates unnecessary calls back into the phone channel, inquiring about the status of their claim.  Applications include:

  • Order Status Chatbots
  • Product Returns with Refund Workflow
  • Product Registration and Exchange Smart Forms
  • Patient Pre-Visit Consent with Touch Screen Signature
  • Personal Lending with Proof-of-Income Image Capture
  • Knowledge Base and How-to-Video Troubleshooting

Better Analytics

Remember, it’s not enough to simply be able to send a SMS.  The value of the SMS Channel is the self-serve application the SMS connects to.

Because Cielo delivers the end-to-end SMS application, you’ll have better visibility into the customer’s complete journey.

Let’s say the Customer calls the voice channel to return a product.  SMS allows you to deflect them out of the IVR and connect them to a digital  product return journey. Cielo delivers and tracks the entire engagement, including the integration with shipping carriers and your enterprise systems.  This provides complete, end-to-end analytics along the entire return process.

With Cielo, you can automatically collect NPS and CSAT scores without sending a separate email.  The SMS application itself can send a survey SMS at any time.  One, two or three days after the engagement, the Cielo Platform automatically sends a SMS to the customer asking them to rate their experience.  Or the SMS can simply contain a branded and tagged link to your existing survey form!

Ask The 7 Questions Before You Decide

Do you want to deploy SMS with a partner who understands the channel?  Or are you risking everything on a vendor who offers SMS as a “bolt on” feature?  When it comes to SMS, choosing the right solution partner matters.  Before you decide, ask these key questions:

  1. What is the total cost of the application? Do they charge a set-up fee?  Cielo doesn’t.
  2. Will you have end-to-end visibility of the customer journey?  Cielo does – with analytics!
  3. Does the vendor provide a true two-way SMS conversational platform?
  4. Will you have triggers to send automated alerts?  Cielo emphasizes proactive notifications that reduce call volume.
  5. Will you be able to send text messages that are longer than 160 characters? Cielo invented SMS with more than 160 characters.
  6. Does the vendor support both short codes and toll-free numbers? Cielo supports both – and you can text to your toll free number.
  7. Is their platform scalable?  Will you be able to engage every customer, in every market at any time?
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