The Cielo Platform

Web-to-Mobile Connect

Teach your web app to text!

Web-to-Mobile Connect™ enables any web app or service – online or mobile – to connect with every mobile customer through ubiquitous SMS.

An easy, plug & play mobile messaging interface to Cielo’s platform.

Allows enterprise applications to send a single, custom SMS, or broadcast thousands of mobile messages to their customers.

It’s easy to get started using the Web-to-Mobile Connect™.  Download the free trial and in a matter a of minutes, your software can begin texting!


Engage and Automate Low Touch Calls Directly in the Call Queue


A universal IVR plug-in, which automates the resolution of routine customer engagements.  IVR-to-SMS sends a SMS which handles Order Status, Product Returns, Password Resets, video links and other common repetitive issues; freeing Live Agent time & eliminating abandonment.

IVR to SMS is a simple solution which easily plugs into any IVR system.   Once activated in the script, you will immediately begin engaging customers who have routine, low touch issues waiting on hold in your call queue.

IVR to SMS provides customers with the option to immediately receive a SMS containing a resolution to their issue – without waiting on hold to speak with a live agent.  IVR to SMS provides immediate relief when call volumes are especially high and provide more effective agent utilization when call volumes are lower.

SMS Authentication

Ubiquitous and Secure

Verify customer identity and eliminate unauthorized access with SMS-based Authentication. SMS is the most ubiquitous channel for Two-Factor Authentication.  Both primary password and user’s mobile phone are needed to properly authenticate and get access. No new hardware.  Deliver a one-time code via SMS to a user’s personal mobile phone.  Simple and secure for easy identification, authentication and privacy compliance.

Workflow & Big Data

Insightful data across multiple customer contact channels.

Every company has a “back office”.  The dirty secret where many customer service operations are still manually handled.  That’s OK, but it doesn’t have to be all manual.  Cielo Workflow gives structure and automation to the many routine tasks your operations team handles.

SmartForms replace ad-hoc emails and Workflow replaces cumbersome spread sheets.  Together they increase accuracy, 1st issue resolution and SLA oversight.

In the process, you collect vast amounts of raw data which contain potential opportunities for optimizing the customer relationship.

However traditional data management tools simply cannot handle this volume.  Or they require the data to be structured first before it can be analyzed.  Cielo helps clients immediately begin managing and analyzing this data for actionable insights – no matter what state that data is in.

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