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Patient Consent

Digitizing the Clipboard

Cielo transforms the patient registration experience with a mobile solution that simplifies and digitizes paper based forms.

  • Streamline and automate patient engagement, ensuring document and regulatory compliance.
  • Allows patients to easily and securely complete and sign their self assessments, registration and consent documents on their own mobile device.
  • The most ubiquitous, secure and easily deployed solution – does not require developing and downloading cumbersome mobile apps.
  • Eliminate the costly, inefficient document flow which burdens today’s Health Care providers.

Mobile App Adoption

Simplify Your App's Discovery & Download Across Every Channel

Companies today rely on their mobile apps to deliver new products and services.  Banks, for example, are finding new growth through mobile payments and peer-to-per lending.  Cielo’s Mobile App Aoption:

  • Provides a friction-less app download solution across every customer touch point, including IVR, Social Media, Live Agents, Chat, Online and even Traditional Media.
  • Sends a personalized link directly to your customer’s mobile device, eliminating the navigation away from your channel.
  • Tracks and measures app download engagements uniquely by the customer’s mobile number.
  • Improves mobile app discovery for any size company – wherever they engage their customer.

WEX uses Mobile App Adoption to distribute their app in every channel.  WEX has deployed Cielo in their contact center, accounts receivable department, Facebook and even printed materials.

eDocument Disclosure

Send, track and confirm delivery of documents to mobile devices. Capture Signatures!

eDisclosure is an end-to-end solution that allows an enterprise to easily and quickly deploy complete mobile SMS and Email electronic document applications.

Cielo’s mobile eDisclosure solution also provides the ability to capture a customer’s signature on their touch-screen mobile device – without requiring the customer to download an app.

The Cielo Platform delivers Smart Form interfaces for eDocument creation, touch screen signature capture and a Document Workflow Dashboard, with applications in Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare and other markets.

Cielo’s eDisclosure solution:

  • Automates the effectiveness of customer service representatives.
  • Eliminates paper, people and postage costs across a multitude of transactions.
  • Improves the customer experience while reducing the average handle time of each transaction.
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory and governance procedures.

Touch Screen Signature

Sign documents on the go with touch screen mobile signature

A simple way to send electronic documents to a customer’s mobile device, for signature on their touch screen.  Works across all Cielo Platform applications allowing our clients to immediately launch mobile eSignature without developing a mobile app.

Cielo Mobile eSignature is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, (HIPA) with respect to the capture, encryption, transmission and storage of medical information and patient data.

The protection of customer information, and specifically their health information, is central to Cielo’s technology and operational platform.  Cielo invests strategically to ensure our information security and customer data privacy meets or exceeds every standard.

Mobile Image Submit

Have customers capture and submit documents - no app needed!

Whether a digital customer engagement or live agent, quickly deploy simple, secure and seamless mobile image submit.

Easily guides customers through the steps to capture and submit images without the need of a cumbersome downloaded app.

First Notice of Loss

Ubiquitous, Secure, and Conversational

First Notice of Loss (FNOL) is a Policy Holder’s most important customer service experience.  They expect their insurance company contact center agent to easily, accurately and completely help report their loss and file a claim.

Cielo’s First Notice of Loss applications pick up where legacy claims processing systems leave off.  The application uses Smart Form™ technology allowing the agent to rapidly summarize the claim information and immediately send it to the customer using email or SMS.

In an era when customer expectations are extremely high, text notifications are essential in creating a positive claim experience.  Cielo’s First Notice of Loss sends test messages confirming the claim and containing their relevant information.  They provide exceptional service communications during the most stressful part of a claim.

Cielo’s FNOL™ mirrors the most important customer-related aspects of a claim.  It summarizes your agent’s data gathering into an effective digital response the customer will use going forward.  The application using SMS and email along with a Workflow system for claims processing and alerting the customer of their claim’s status.  

Web-to-Mobile Connect

Teach your web app to text!

Web-to-Mobile Connect™ enables any web app or service – online or mobile – to connect with every mobile customer through ubiquitous SMS.

An easy, plug & play mobile messaging interface to Cielo’s platform.

Allows enterprise applications to send a single, custom SMS, or broadcast thousands of mobile messages to their customers.

It’s easy to get started using the Web-to-Mobile Connect™.  Download the free trial and in a matter a of minutes, your software can begin texting!

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