Chatbot Customer Experience Strategy

Greg Kihlstrom writes, in the June issue of Forbes, about using Chatbots as part of your customer experience strategy. He states that “8 in 10 companies have already adopted” chatbots as part of their business model (Kihlstrom, 2018). Most businesses are, therefore, recognizing the benefits and potential of Chatbots. While Chatbots and AI are being […]

Chatbots Revolutionizing Customer Service

In the article, How Chatbots Will Change Call Center Customer Service, Symon Edmonds writes “it’s the year of the Chatbot”.  While they are growing in popularity, it’s how you utilize them that will set you apart from the competition. The human touch of a live agent is invaluable when developing great relationships with the customer. […]

Chatbots to Redefine Call Centers

Research firm Juniper predicts that chatbots will redefine the customer service industry, with the banking and healthcare sectors benefiting the most.  It’s expected that chatbots will be saving customer service over US$8 billion per annum by 2022, from just US$20 million in 2017. Cielo believes that chatbots, when deployed as a Call Center strategy, automate […]

The New Kid on the Block: Omnichannel Marketing

audience engagement

Move over multichannel marketing. Omnichannel marketing focuses on how and when your customers want to contact you.  Understanding preferred communication channels allows companies to develop customized engagement strategies and promote long-term customer relationships. In Taking Cues From the Customer: “Omnichannel” and the Drive For Audience Engagement, we see some valuable information about audience engagement, why it […]

Study Confirms High Customer Satisfaction Increases Revenue Growth

high customer satisfaction

This study confirms some very interesting data about customer satisfaction and how it affects revenue for businesses. Organizations that reached a 90 percent plus customer satisfaction rate achieved an annual 6.1 percent in service growth. They also enjoyed a 3.7 per cent growth in overall revenue and an 89 percent level of customer retention. While […]

Banks Disclose How Mobile Technology Can Create More Profitable Customer Relationships

mobile technology

Mobile technology is encouraging more frequent visits and putting customers in control.  By improving the customer experience with technology (and other means), banks can create better, more loyal and profitable customer relationships. We know that the banking sector is a popular industry today. It’s also an industry that comes with a great deal of risk. […]

I Want It Fast and I Want It Now

I Want It Now

Buying behavior is changing and some customers are putting a premium on speed, ease, efficiency and convenience over friendly service.   According to the Boston Consulting Group, companies who want to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and forge long-term customer relationships are responding. In The Millennial Consumer – Debunking Stereotypes, they explore the idea that millennial […]