The #1 Way to Better Deflect your customers out of the IVR.

On average, 10 -15% of the calls in your voice channel are common and repetitive issues that can be better deflected and automated.

Many callers have simple questions like resetting a password, registering a product, or getting an order status.

These issues are an inefficient use of an agent’s time.  Moreover, what happens during peak periods when the wait times are longer?

Customers get frustrated with long wait times in your IVR/call queue and agents become overwhelmed.  Typically, the solution is to deflect your customers by suggesting they, skip the wait, hang up and try your website or other self-serve channel.

This adds friction to their experience.  Worse, when you tell customers to hang up, you are giving them your permission to abandon you.   There is no question – friction, and frustration damage customer loyalty.

How can you keep your customers happy while continuing to be efficient and effective?

Cielo is focused on helping clients build better relationships by seamlessly transitioning customers out of the voice channel and engaging them in an immediate 2-way SMS conversation.

There are 4 powerful reasons why SMS is the #1 way to better deflect your customers out of the IVR.

  1. Universal Engagement

SMS engages every customer.  SMS text messaging is the ubiquitous application that provides a two-way personal conversation directly with any customer.  The SMS app is preinstalled on everyone’s mobile phone and is used already by all your customers.  No need to download an app – it’s always on and ready to go.

  1. Frictionless Experience

The option to skip the wait and receive a text message eliminates long wait times, frustration, and abandonment.  Many companies have deployed self-serve customer journeys in their digital channels.  SMS is the connective tissue between the voice channel IVR and your digital channel.

With SMS there is no need to tell them to hang up and go to your website. You can connect them immediately and directly to the page they need to go to.  Your customer’s journey becomes seamless and engaging.

  1. SMS As A New Channel

Customers who have received an initial SMS as your deflection strategy, can then return to that SMS “thread” in the future to resolve any new issues or inquiries.  This establishes SMS as an asynchronous conversational channel between you and your customer – directly on their mobile device; no app needed!

Reducing customer frustration is essential in maintaining customer loyalty and reducing churn.   Your SMS channel is now a customer support channel that they can easily keep coming back to.  This is the same channel that they already text their family and friends on, building an even stronger relationship between you and your customer.

  1. Secure/Data Privacy

Your customer’s security and privacy are paramount.  Using 3rd party for profit advertising companies like Facebook Messenger and WhatsAapp are viable messaging platforms, but do not hold the same security and privacy as SMS.  SMS messaging is processed through carriers which are regulated by the FCC, who are required, by law, to safeguard your customer’s data.

Convenience, consistency, and frictionless customer experiences are important ingredients to long term customer value. Finding the right balance between self-serve and live agents is critical in today’s market.

The evidence is overwhelming.  At least 10% of the calls in your voice channel can be better deflected and automated, making your contact center more efficient and effective.

Whether it be linking your customer to a webform, automating their product registration, or connecting to chat, you can engage your customer seamlessly with a simple SMS text directly from your IVR.

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