The Trouble With Chatbots

The goal of self-service chat bots has been to reduce the volume and cost of live agent support.  However, customers continue to prefer agent-assisted channels, such as voice, as their top service preference.

In light of this, it’s worth taking a look back at last year’s Contact Center Week’s (CCW) report: The state of Chatbots.

As we entered the peak Holiday ecommerce season, we must ask why, if 55% of customers are comfortable using Chatbots, why have “bots” come to carry the same negative stigma as IVR systems.

The answer is the same as CWW’s report from a year ago.  Bots continue to fail the customer centricity test. 

The challenge deploying a successful customer service chatbots is the gap between those who understand customer service issues and those who are good at writing AI code.

Directly in line with the developer’s code.  There is a need to map your domain expert’s testing and feedback directly to the correct node with context and structure.

Business people within a company who have domain knowledge about the company’s products must have an easy way to test and provide feedback.

Click to read the full report at Customer Contact Week:

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