Text Your Way To Success (with SMS)

Is your organization feeling a millennial push? If you are tracking feedback from your  customers from generations x-z then you have likely noticed that this gaggle of individuals are no longer satisfied with the status quo of customer service. This means phone calls are out, and going out of their way for wi-fi to use an app should be tossed out the window.

This generation is comfortable with disruptive change and constantly evolving technology and they have little patience for antiquated customer service channels that limit their options. Millennials live their lives on their smart phones and expect companies to meet them most of the way.

     In a comprehensive report focused on millennial’s expectations regarding customer service issued by Aspect Software and The Center for Generational Kinetics, some key findings were:

•    Millennials don’t want to communicate face-to-face. They prefer to engage with companies over social media and text.
•    Millennials seek out companies that allow them to communicate in their preferred methods and are abandoning companies that aren’t evolving their communication strategies.
•    All consumers (ages 18-65) in the study said they would increase their use of texting with companies if given the option.

Texting Do’s and Dont’s

Each communication channel within an omni-channel bundle must be unique and have its own protocols and etiquette. Integrating SMS messaging to your contact center is no different. While the list of do’s and dont’s extends beyond what is listed here, a few key points to consider before incorporating text into your contact center include:
•    Snappy response times. Customers have come to expect quick response times from certain communication channels (live online chat, social media, etc.), and text will be no different. Aim to respond to customers within 5 minutes, but no more than an hour after initial contact.
•    Don’t get long-winded! Text communication is best when abbreviated, understandable, but concise. Depending on how your organization uses text to communicate, be careful not to over-do it.
•    Be mindful of how the customer wants to use text. Yes, customers are clamoring for texting options, but that doesn’t mean they want to relinquish control for how it’s used. Allow customers to customize their texting experience exactly how they want it.

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Getting Started

As with any communication channel, your customer is the most important consideration for setting up a new option. Consider joining Cielo Mobile on the movement for omni-channel experiences across all touch points in a customer’s journey.
The introduction of any new communication channel requires forethought, strategic planning, training, and appropriate staffing. While it is expected that texting will continue to grow in regards to customer service, it’s better to start slowly with its roll-out and work out all of its kinks so that your organization ultimately gets it right. MMS/SMS texting is the most secure method of communication and it as an option for customers is expected to grow in popularity. Think of it not as a replacement for any one channel, but another option that provides much sought after convenience. When strategically integrated, it can enhance the overall customer experience, and there’s no telling how much customers will love utilizing the new channel. Millennial customers, especially, have already spoken loud and clear; There is no time like the present to see how MMS/SMS texting can possibly be incorporated into your repertoire of customer service channels.

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