Post Sale Experience

Customer Experience includes the entire journey, including the customer’s post purchase experience when faced with a support or service issue.  However, many people use the terms Customer Service and Customer Experience interchangeably.

It is important to remember that Customer Service is a reactive, issue driven type of engagement.  As a result, the customer’s expectations are going to be much higher.  The risk is greater if you fail to meet those expectations.

Erica Mancuso @esmancuso writes in ICMI that a customer’s post sale experience may be the more critical definer of whether they remain a loyal, lifetime customer.

Erica writes, “your goal should be to meet the customer’s expectations about resolving the issue quickly and easily. Remember, customers are already inconvenienced and probably a bit frustrated because they had to contact you.”

The rise of digital self-service is making it harder to have a support conversation.  Why do companies hide their customer service telephone number?  An effortless Customer Service experience means making it easy for your customer to resolve an issue.

The reason, of course, is that traditional call centers are expensive to staff, train and operate.  Yet, the power of the human touch cannot be underestimated.

There is an opportunity to immediately improve your IVR and call queue experience with digital technology, which:

  • Engages Customers directly with SMS while they’re in the queue.
  • Eliminates Abandonment and resolves low touch issues.
  • Allows Agents to focus on more profitable conversations.

Most companies today are investing in the customer acquisition side of their Customer Experience.  However, the evidence shows that relatively small investments in post-sale Customer Service adds greater value in creating customers for life.

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