Chatbots to Redefine Call Centers

Research firm Juniper predicts that chatbots will redefine the customer service industry, with the banking and healthcare sectors benefiting the most.  It’s expected that chatbots will be saving customer service over US$8 billion per annum by 2022, from just US$20 million in 2017.

Cielo believes that chatbots, when deployed as a Call Center strategy, automate many of the more common, recurring transactions.  This is consistent with AI research in general.  The investment in AI is best when used to replace the mundane, repetitive tasks expensive, live agents must deal with, including:

Product and Warranty Registrations

Bill Payment and Transaction Inquirers

Order Status and Scheduling

In the Financial Services industry, chatbots free up more valuable expert advisers to optimize the relationship with the customer.  For example, signing up checking customers with a line of credit or investment accounts.

While chatbots make sense as a productivity solution in the call center, their ultimate benefit is to help a call center transform itself into a profit center.

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