Chatbots Revolutionizing Customer Service

In the article, How Chatbots Will Change Call Center Customer Service, Symon Edmonds writes “it’s the year of the Chatbot”.  While they are growing in popularity, it’s how you utilize them that will set you apart from the competition. The human touch of a live agent is invaluable when developing great relationships with the customer.

Cielo believes more companies should deploy chat within their call queue – while the customer is on hold. Edmonds says it best, by stating “when there is a high call volume, we frustrate our customers with long wait times and many abandon the call and head over to our competition”. On the other hand, “if you had a chatbot that could handle all of the low touch requests, you could see a drastic reduction in customer waiting” (Edmond).

This is a business practice that could easily be implemented in any size company. It would allow for a proactive and cost-effective approach to answer customer questions quickly.  Whether it is an AI-based bot, or Live Agent Chat, it provides a more efficient way to authenticate and answer common, low touch requests.

Cielo believes this strategy reduces call queue wait times and frees up live agents to identify and create conversations, which optimize the customer relationship.

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