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The Cheer Up, It’s Easy to Be Amazon – Part 2

In part 1 of this article, we discussed the difference between Response Time and Resolution Time and how customers will be patient if they feel connected. It matters less how long the time to resolution is, as long as you provide consistent status notifications along their journey.  In this part we’ll look at email as […]

The Cheer Up, It’s Easy to Be Amazon – Part 1

This is the first of a 2-part article on how you too can offer the secret customer service ingredient that Amazon customers love. Hint: It’s not next day delivery Cielo’s clients often tell us they are under increasing pressure to “be like Amazon”.   I would say this is a common theme across many companies.  Most […]

The #1 Way to Better Deflect your customers out of the IVR.

On average, 10 -15% of the calls in your voice channel are common and repetitive issues that can be better deflected and automated. Many callers have simple questions like resetting a password, registering a product, or getting an order status. These issues are an inefficient use of an agent’s time.  Moreover, what happens during peak […]

The Trouble With Chatbots

The Trouble With Chatbots

The goal of self-service chat bots has been to reduce the volume and cost of live agent support.  However, customers continue to prefer agent-assisted channels, such as voice, as their top service preference. In light of this, it’s worth taking a look back at last year’s Contact Center Week’s (CCW) report: The state of Chatbots. […]

Post Sale Experience

Post Sale Experience

Customer Experience includes the entire journey, including the customer’s post purchase experience when faced with a support or service issue.  However, many people use the terms Customer Service and Customer Experience interchangeably. It is important to remember that Customer Service is a reactive, issue driven type of engagement.  As a result, the customer’s expectations are […]

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