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Chatbot Customer Experience Strategy

Greg Kihlstrom writes, in the June issue of Forbes, about using Chatbots as part of your customer experience strategy. He states that “8 in 10 companies have already adopted” chatbots as part of their business model (Kihlstrom, 2018). Most businesses are, therefore, recognizing the benefits and potential of Chatbots. While Chatbots and AI are being […]

Chatbots Revolutionizing Customer Service

In the article, How Chatbots Will Change Call Center Customer Service, Symon Edmonds writes “it’s the year of the Chatbot”.  While they are growing in popularity, it’s how you utilize them that will set you apart from the competition. The human touch of a live agent is invaluable when developing great relationships with the customer. […]

Chatbots to Redefine Call Centers

Research firm Juniper predicts that chatbots will redefine the customer service industry, with the banking and healthcare sectors benefiting the most.  It’s expected that chatbots will be saving customer service over US$8 billion per annum by 2022, from just US$20 million in 2017. Cielo believes that chatbots, when deployed as a Call Center strategy, automate […]

Fintech Has Just Begun

Fintech has come to mean financial services that are disrupting traditional financial methods in the delivery of these services. Some of these services that have been ‘disrupted’ include mobile payments, money transfers, loans, fundraising, and asset management, among others. In an interview with Knowledge@Wharton (The Wharton School) Steve McLaughlin, CEO and managing partner of FT […]

Is it safer to use an app or a browser for banking?

Today’s Financial Services customers use their devices for more than simply “banking”. Most of us have separate investment accounts – and their corresponding apps – as well new payments services such as Venmo. So, the question applies to all my financial transactions – not just banking. The question is my various financial apps secure? Likewise, […]

Make your first impression count

Health Care Organizations are using mobile technology in their operations to a certain degree today. Some require the patient to visit their website, patient portal, download an app, generally requiring the patient to take initiative or action. According to Minemyer (2017) it is important to “make a good first impression, the first impression could determine […]

SMS Could Be The Pivotal Means of Improving Contact Centers Everywhere

       Customers have less time and are less inclined to visit their bank’s branch. Thus why contact center customer service methods that include mobile messaging provide a better experience for the customer and, in turn, is more efficient for brands. 90% of all SMS are read within three minutes of being received. And since […]

The Fintech Revolution is Here

Technology is changing banking in profound ways. Some find it disruptive and some find it innovative, but most changes the financial industry are undergoing currently are positive. We believe innovation is the key to success because tradition can only get you so far. Traditional bankers might find robot advisors and new automated payment systems disruptive, […]

Text Your Way To Success (with SMS)

Is your organization feeling a millennial push? If you are tracking feedback from your  customers from generations x-z then you have likely noticed that this gaggle of individuals are no longer satisfied with the status quo of customer service. This means phone calls are out, and going out of their way for wi-fi to use […]

3 Ways YOU Can Capture and Retain Millennials

Millennials will make up the largest population segment the US has ever seen with 83.5 million potential consumers by 2030, according to the MetLife Mature Market Institute. There’s a real opportunity for insurers to adopt innovative approaches to marketing and delivering products. The following will describe three ways insurers can engage Millennials, enhancing customer loyalty […]